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rather sad realization

my sister, lee, turned 23 this week. she has recently announced her engagement with this wonderful man named antonio. my sister and i are caucasian and antonio is from mexico. i couldn't be happier for them because they are great together. they both just graduated from college and are doing very well for themselves.

we have a great-aunt, now about 70, whom we refer to as crazy aunt jean because she is never one for knowing how to deal with social situations. basically she just says very inappropriate things to people not knowing it bothers them. it is mostly just rude things during dinner to make you lose your appetite.

i really lost my appetite the night of my sister's birthday and here is why...

my aunt jean sent a birthday card (they are famous in my family for just being off the wall) to my sister. it started referring to her upcoming marriage, and jean mentioned something that she was sad and disappointed she was not going to pursue her masters because she is getting married (my sister never gave that impression. she has full intention of doing both). then jean starts asking questions about him. like if he is a u.s. citizen or just a wetback. if he can actually speak english. if he even has a job. and how he treats all the women in his life, "because they are known to treat their women poorly." she said. finally, she said, "you are special. marry up, not down."

obviously my family was flabbergasted because we never pegged her as racist (before we just thought she was a man-hating psycho). needless to say that we were embarrassed. my whole family, including my great-aunt's brother, are deciding what to do with her. since we all feel the same about the incident we decided we are not going to invite her to any family gathering again.

my sister even wrote her a letter basically telling her to piss off and never speak to her again because her "perception of reality is so distorted that [she] could actually believe that a person can be 'above' or 'below' another."

even though it was sad to discover racist tendencies in my family, i was very touched by how everyone else in my family acted, that they were all so offended that they want to cut off ties with a hurtful woman.

sorry for being a long story, but i thought it might be good to share.

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